Batch February 2018

Impact of Special Events on Airspace
Date of graduation: July, 13, 2018
Author: Bas Broekstra

  pdf KDC Final Thesis Bas Broekstra (7.72 MB)

Analysis of Vertical Flight Trajectory Efficiency
Date of graduation: July 9, 2018
Author: Marc Eijkens

  pdf KDC Final Thesis Marc Eijkens (5.93 MB)

Impact Analysis on the Airside Infrastructure at Schiphol
Date of graduation: July 11, 2018
Author: Gijs Peters

  pdf KDC Final Thesis Gijs Peters (3.54 MB)

Airline Strategies' Impact on Gate Occupancy
Date of graduation: July 11, 2018
Author: Martijn Ringelberg

  pdf KDC Final Thesis Martijn Ringelberg (2.59 MB)

Impact of Local A-CDM on the Operational Efficiency at Mainport Schiphol
Date of graduation: July 19, 2018
Author: Roel Wouters

  pdf KDC Final Thesis Roel Wouters (2.42 MB)


Batch September 2017

The influence of ATFM delays on airspace capacity
Date of graduation: March 21, 2018
Author: Joep Boekhout

pdf KDC Final Thesis Joep Boekhout (2.68 MB)

Implementation of an Airport Operations Center (APOC) at Schiphol Airport
Date of graduation:
Author: Huib de Jong

pdf KDC Final Thesis Huib de Jong (5.13 MB)

Impact of runway changes on airport capacity
Date of graduation: March 21, 2018
Author: Remsey Kanis

pdf KDC Final Thesis Remsey Kanis (2.62 MB)


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