Batch September 2017

Joep Boekhout
My name is Joep Boekhout, I am a fourth year Aviation Logistics student from the HvA. Starting in September I am doing my graduation internship for the KDC at LVNL. Before this internship, I did an internship at LVNL, researching the efficiency on the air traffic control simulators. In this research, I am going to analyze the effectivenessof the current Network Manager Regulations, and in specific the effect of the airline/pilot on these regulations. The coming half year I will be working on this assignment and I see it as a great opportunity and I am looking forward to this challenge!

Huib de Jong
Hi, my name is Huib de Jong and I’m on my way to becoming a future aviation specialist. I am honored to get the opportunity to work at KDC Mainport. Working with all stakeholders to continuously improve Schiphol, and contributing my part to Dutch aviation.

From September 2017 onwards I’ll be performing research as part of my educational track. My research consists of two parts: it is about the correlation between total airport capacity and capacity decisions at ATC, and on the transition from Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) to AirPort Operations Center (APOC or A-CDM2). The hypothesis is that having a virtual or physical APOC will enable Schiphol to improve their efficiency and overall (peak) capacity. The transition to continuous information sharing is part of the Eurocontrol SESAR 2020 vision.

Remsey Kanis
My name is Remsey Kanis and I am 22 years old. I am an enthusiastic and sportive person, that is always ready for challenges. In September 2017, I will start my graduation thesis for the KDC Mainport at the LVNL. The objective of my reseach thesis is to map the current limitations, address the deviations and variations for airlines and the airport and indicate specific operational consequences due to the runway changes. The idea of helping to strengthen the competitive position of Schiphol against other big European hubs really excites me. I am glad to have the opportunity to do my graduation thesis for the KDC Mainport at the LVNL. I cannot wait to get started and meet new people!



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