Through the Center of Excellence (CoE) KDC wants to intensify the cooperation with universities and colleges. Initially, a collaboration has started between the Aviation Academy, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and the Technical University (TU) Delft. The KDC is open to work with other parties in line with their objective: air traffic control, aircraft use and airport development. The substantive structure of the collaboration between KDC CoE, HvA (Aviation Academy) and TU Delft (Aerospace Engineering) takes shape through the joint implementation of long-term lines of research or research themes (see Figure 1). 


Figure 1: Long term lines of research KDC - CoE

The Aviation Academy of HvA initially contributes to the subject 'Capacity Management'. Capacity Management deals with the capacity of the airport’s processes, limited resources – for example, runways, taxiways, airspace, gates or terminal - as well as with capacity constraints that arise when various stakeholders converge on the limited space on the airport, capacity management is of critical importance in ensuring that the operations run smoothly. Students and staff work jointly on sub-studies and build on results from previous research. Information about HvA studies can be found here.


Organisation Centre of Excellence